Becoming With 

Located at „der Nabel Berlins“ (the bellybutton of Berlin) Becoming With twirls seductively around trees, leaves and other creatures, like a ghost that never left its place, remembering that last action. Expressing a gesture of something that can’t be tangible at the moment.
While intertwining across the observer’s view the artificial caresses suggest the seeker to join in that jumble of actions, not without asking before the role they play... is it a mutualistic or parasitic relationship? What response-ability do they have to their surroundings?

PVC Inflatables

„Becoming With“ was part of The Forage an exhibition organized by Æ Project.
During the hard days of quarantine The Forage took place, an exhibition within the lockdown rules to rummage and wonder the city as a response to the regulations.
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